Fall is here and it’s the PERFECT time for Jeep fun!

Fall is here and it’s the PERFECT time for Jeep fun!


With the dog days of summer behind us for 2019, it’s time to look forward to evening bonfires, hay rides, haunted houses, apple cider and cooler weather. It’s also a perfect time to take advantage of the open-air freedom of a Jeep Wrangler.


 While the hardcore Jeep lover will willingly drive sans-doors and top during most kinds of weather, some more practical Jeep owners are more selective about when they prefer to feel the wind in their hair. Some Jeep owners avoid dropping the top in the summer because the sun bearing down on them is too much. With the less-direct sun and comfortable temperatures fall brings us in the Miami Valley, a topless Jeep can provide a lot of fun!


Here are some reasons why fall is the best time to cruise without the doors and top:


·      Sense a bit of chill in the air? Awesome! It gives you a chance to wear that hoodie you’ve been waiting all summer to wear.


·      In Ohio, we’ve only got a few weeks left before we’re all forced inside by bitter cold and/or snow. Why not make the most of these last few weeks of nice weather and fully enjoy it by experiencing it with the top down?


·      Country drives in Ohio during Autumn are spectacular. The scenery of color change in the leaves is truly best experienced in an open vehicle.


·      Got allergies? Pollen counts are typically lower in the fall, so even those with hayfever can enjoy a top-down ride without constant sneezing.


·      With the slightly cooler weather of fall, insect populations start dwindling. This means you can ride without needing bug spray.


If you’d like to have some fall fun in a Jeep (then have the awesome 4X4 capability in the winter snow), stop by SVG in Eaton! We have a huge selection of Wranglers and you’re guaranteed to get a superior value not available anywhere else.



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