Facts about Ethanol

Facts about Ethanol


It’s no secret that the environment needs help. One of the ways the government is trying to improve air quality is by mixing ethanol in with your unleaded gasoline. Here are some interesting facts about ethanol.


Most gas stations include up to 10% of ethanol in every gallon of gasoline you buy. Ethanol burns more easily than petroleum, so even though it costs less than gasoline, it will be used up more quickly, reducing the number of miles you get per gallon.


Ethanol essentially uses the same production process as moonshine! Of course, ethanol has been refined and has more additives than moonshine.


Ethanol is produced using a fermentation process. It’s composed of glucose derived from sugar cane, starch (corn, wheat, grains) or forest products. Because these products can be regrown, ethanol is considered a renewal product.


If you’d like to do your part to help the environment, GM produces several vehicles that can run on 100% E-85 (Ethanol). Stop by SVG Urbana to take a look at the full line of vehicles that can run on E-85.

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