Best Ways to Defrost Car Windshield

The Struggle is Real

It’s that time of year, unfortunately! Time for snow and frosted windshields! Even when you’re not running late, what a drag it is to scrape ice while your fingers want to fall off from the cold! Let’s talk about some safe ways to defrost your windshield.

Use water, but not boiling water

One of the most common ways of defrosting a windshield is with water. However, never EVER use boiling water because you can crack the glass, and at that point, a frosted windshield will be the least of the problem. What you should do is use lukewarm water, defrost the glass, and wipe away the residue with a dry cloth or a plastic ice scraper. This method is quite popular because it does the job within seconds and it is super cheap.

An Ice Scraper?

Another cheap but not so fast and effective method is defrosting the windshield with an ice scraper. There is almost no driver who does not have one of these in their car. It is super convenient if you cannot use any other method. But, if you are already running late using an ice scraper can be quite annoying. It’s important to note that you should never use metal scrapers, it will scratch the glass.

Use your credit card

In the lack of plastic ice scraper, you can give your credit or debit card another purpose. However, if you are not a fan of doing it with an ice scraper, you are probably not going to feel thrilled about this method. But, if it is currently the only option, then there is no room for complaining. Make sure to use the long edge of the credit card, because that way you will be able to clean the bigger surface and the card will be less bendy.
Whatever option you choose, make sure not to do what it is called “portholing”. It is the way of driving while only one small part of your windshield is cleaned from the frost. You can not only put your life at risk but lives of other people on the road as well. As a final summary, you do not want to damage the windshield so do not use boiling water or metal scrapers. Instead, use a plastic ice scraper, lukewarm water, rubbing alcohol, or de-icer. All of these tricks will do the job, and you and your passengers will be safe during those long winter rides.
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