Muscle Car Fans, Get Ready for the Drag Pak

Mopar Performance fans drooled over the Dodge annoucement made at SEMA...coming soon is an asphalt-ripping, drag strip-ready muscle car. But be ready to jump in line fast, as only 50 of these new rides are going to be produced which will ensure a long-term value for this beast.

What is this new monster? A red, white and blue 2020 Mopar Dodge Challenger Drag Pak.

Dodge promised that the Drag Pak “displays a modern flavor, seasoned with nostalgia.”

According to sources at the Fiat-Chrysler corporation, the Challenger is fully drag strip capable from the factory. It will boast a 354 ci Hemi V8 engine. The massive engine will be paired with a T400 transmission with the Kwik-Shift gear shifter. A lightweight driveshaft lowers the rotating mass of the vehicle ensuring quick 1/4 mile times. Racers know that the "whoa" power has to match the "go" power, so Mopar is outfitting the Drag Pak with front and rear racing brakes. To complete the track-ready package, you'll find the Challenger utilizing Racetech seats and a programmable power distribution center called the "Racepak Smartwire". To further reduce rotating mass, the Challenger has a lightweight wheel and tire package.

Better pull those seat belts tight, Speed Racer!
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