Risks of Bad Driving

Bad driving is the not only an annoyance to commuters, it’s downright dangerous. And while most drivers are professional and safe on the road, it only takes one or two to cause issues for thousands of people, Think that’s unrealistic? Imagine a drier who was texting during rush hour on I-75 south on a Monday morning who caused an accident that closes a lane or two. That one incident could cause thousands of people to be late to work.

The Risks

Recent surveys show as many as 87% of drivers engage in at least one risky behavior in a month. This can mean anything from driving aggressively or zoning out to texting whilst at the wheel.
These behaviors can seriously increase risks to any road users, including those doing haulage work. The following statistics give some pause for thought:

• Collisions related to aggressive driving increased 400% since 1990, to over 13,000 a year.
• Texting while operating a vehicle increases your risk of a collision by 800%.
• Up to 25,000 injuries and deaths each year are related to texting at the wheel.

Sobering stuff, and a reminder of just how important good driving habits are.
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