The difference between vehicle maintenance and repair

All vehicles, whether new or used, will require some maintenance at some point. Your vehicle has what are considered “consumable” parts. Consumables are parts that will wear out after normal use and will need replaced on a regular basis. Just as your printer will eventually run out of ink, the brakes on your vehicle will wear out. When a vehicle needs to have consumable parts replaced, it is considered maintenance. However, if you run over a piece of metal on the road and it rips your oil pan open, that is a repair.

It’s important to understand the difference between these two types of service work so that when you purchase a vehicle, you’ll know what will be required to keep the vehicle performing as it should. The following parts on a vehicle are considered consumable, and will need replacing on a regular basis, regardless of how well you take care of your car. Consider these parts as the “ink in your printer”. (Please note this is not a full list of every single consumable part on a vehicle, but it represents the most common ones.)

  • ·      Rubber gaskets
  • ·      Hoses
  • ·      Engine belts
  • ·      Windshield wiper blades
  • ·      Windshield washer fluid
  • ·       Tires
  • ·      Gasoline
  • ·      Oil and Oil Filter
  • ·      Air Filter
  • ·      Fuel Filter
  • ·      Cabin Filter
  • ·      Battery
  • ·      Brake Fluid
  • ·      Brake pads
  • ·      Brake rotors
  • ·      Coolant
  • ·      Transmission fluid
  • ·      Spark plugs
  • ·      Power steering fluid
  • ·      Timing belt
  • ·      Fuses
  • ·      Bulbs
  • ·      Refrigerants
  • ·      Grease

Knowing that over time your vehicle will need these consumable parts replaced, it’s recommended that when you buy a vehicle, you chose one with a payment low enough that you can save some money back to cover the future expenses of consumable replacement. Another option is to consider buying an insurance policy that covers consumable parts as well as repairs due to accidents. The policies are not common but some auto insurers to offer them.

If you have questions about what consumables might need changed on your vehicle, feel free to call our professional, certified service technicians. They’ll be happy to help!



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