Top 10 Reasons For Break-downs

Even vehicles that are exceptionally well-maintained can suffer from a break down. Why? Because they’re not always the driver or owner’s fault. Some of the most common break down reasons are due to road hazards. Here are the top ten most common types of break downs you’re likely to experience sooner or later:


Number 10: Generator/Alternator. Your vehicle can sometimes clue you in when your alternator is about to die. We’ve even written a blog entry about it!


Number 9: Air Conditioning/Cooling. How miserable to be stuck walking on a hot road to a service station.


Number 8: Starter. Lots of people are left stranded in parking lots due to failed starters!


Number 7: Flat tires. Nails, potholes, broken parts and other road debris can find its way into your unsuspecting tires leaving you stranded with a flat.


Number 6: Fuel pump. Don’t run your gas tank on empty on a regular basis. It WILL wear it out early and lead to premature failure.


Number 5: Engine. You ignored that check engine light, didn’t you?


Number 4: Body work. Remember when you ran into that pole and just used duct tape to put your fender back on? Your fender is now lying in the middle of I-75.


Number 3: Ignition system. But those 7 pounds of keychains are SO cute!


Number 2: Fuel Injection system. People aren’t the only ones who get indigestion. Vehicles can get bad gas, too…which leads to problems with the fuel injection system.


Number 1:  Dead battery! Whoops, you left your lights on all night.


What to do when you’re stranded


1.)   Stop in a safe place as soon as you can. If possible, make sure to be out of the way of traffic.

2.)   All occupants of the vehicle should safely exit the vehicle. This is especially important if the vehicle has caught fire, is smoking, or even smells hot. It’s also critical when you’re stranded on a highway or major thoroughfare to have every exit. Vehicles sitting on the side of the road are very vulnerable.

3.)   Call Triple A (if you have this service), or a towing company. You can always have your vehicle towed directly to the service department at SVG for repair.


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