These innocent driving habits may be harming your vehicle

Think you baby your vehicle? If you're a car person and love your vehicle like the folks at SVG do, then it's pretty likely that you take really good care of your car or truck. Maybe you treat it with weekly washings, or have as many pictures of it on your Instagram as you do of your kids. If this describes you, you'll want to read this blog because there are a lot of innocent-seeming habits that many of us do that could be harming your "baby".

  • Revving your engine when starting your car. Years ago before vehicles had complex computer systems, revving your engine when starting it up was common. In modern vehicles computer systems (called ECUs) know exactly how much fuel your engine needs to start up. Revving your motor is doing nothing but adding unnecessary wear to your engine internals, even more so when it's cold outside.
  • Driving like you're running late. The first ten to 20 minutes of your drive is when the majority of engine wear occurs. If you drive like you're running late and perform hard accelerations in the first ten minutes or so of driving, you're prematurely wearing down your drivetrain components.
  • Letting your vehicle idle. When you start your vehicle, it's not at it's peak temperature. It reaches its peak temperature after being driven. When it's not operating at the right temperature, you'll have incomplete fuel burn which can leave deposits on the cylinder walls, contaminate the oil, and put unnecessary wear on engine internals.
  • Leaving your car in drive at long red lights. Stuck at a long light? Drop your transmission into neutral while staying on the brake. When you sit at a long light in drive, your engine is still working to push the vehicle forward; your brakes are just overriding it. This causes wear.
  • Pay attention to temperature extremes. Really hot and really cold temperatures cause your vehicle's drivetrain to work harder. When the temperatures are extreme, accelerate gently, drive at reasonable speeds, and be very cautious of road conditions.
  • Your steering wheel position can damage your power steering pump. Ever turned in to a parking lot, road or driveway and saw a friend and pulled over to chat? If you leave your steering wheel turned all the way to the left or right and you're holding it there, it can cause your power steering pump to wear out quickly.

So, did you learn any new tips? Have you done some of these things and wonder if you now have worn out parts? Schedule an appointment with our friendly SVG Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram service technicians. They'll be happy to help you out, and treat you like family. You don't have to own a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram vehicle to get service at SVG; our technicians are highly qualified, have top level certifications and can work on any vehicle make or model. Call them today!

Photo by Sleepi Alleyne from Pexels
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